Annulatie WUSV WK IGP & Agility Hongarije 2020

Cancellation WUSV World Championship 2020
Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is with enormous regret that we need to inform you about the cancellation of this year’s WUSV World Championship in Györ/ Hungary as a result of the Corona Pandemic. Given the insecurity of the circumstances that do not allow any of us to reliably arrange for any kind of travel planning – leave alone accommodation – and since nobody knows by this time whether travelling abroad will be an option at all in 2020, it was the best decision the Magyarorszagi Nemet Juhaszkutya Klub management could have possibly taken. After all, the health and safety of the participants and guests do enjoy absolute priority.

However, we also need to look into the future and there will for sure be a life in dog sports after the pandemic and Hungary volunteered to host the event in 2023 which gives us all something to look forward to. Please kindly inform your members and all other relevant parties accordingly. Thank you very much for your attention and if in doubt please contact us at any time.